The Imagia Canexia Health Insights Platform (ICHIP), which provides cancer-treatment analysis directly to local oncologists, is now available across Europe

MONTRÉAL, June 15, 2022 – Imagia Canexia Health, a genomics-based cancer treatment testing company that accelerates access to precision care by combining AI expertise with advanced molecular biopsy solutions, today announced the CE-IVD marking for its Imagia Canexia Health Insights Platform (ICHIP) to operate across Europe. ICHIP provides intricate molecular and computational genome analysis, from targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, for individual cancer patients. The company offers a unique clinical solution for European oncologists to quickly generate reports—including therapeutic and clinical trial recommendations. This new approval furthers Imagia Canexia Health’s mission to combine advanced genomics, oncology, artificial intelligence, and informatics to enable health systems to provide cost-effective testing in-house—thus delivering precision cancer treatments to patients no matter where they live. Clinicians receive next-generation sequencing (NGS) data sourced from human tissue or blood samples. These insights are collected, as well as processed, on Illumina’s NextSeq and MiSeq devices. Then, ICHIP uses AI to detect and analyze genomic variants, match interpretations, identify potential clinical trials, as well as generate a cancer-treatment results report. This creates a new ability to integrate clinical and genomic patient data, augmenting treatment decisions by oncologists. With this crucial information, health professionals can rapidly access data about a cancer patient’s genetics, as well as describe the potential associations between detected variants and specific therapeutics, all while making the most informed care-management decisions. “Achieving the CE-IVD mark, a highly regarded standard around the globe, represents an important milestone that reflects the technological quality and rigor upon which we built the Imagia Canexia Health Insights Platform (ICHIP),” said Imagia Canexia Health CEO Geralyn Ochab. “Our company takes pride in the platform’s ability to quickly provide specialists with vital information to fight cancer, now supporting European oncologists with life-saving information for their patients.”


About Imagia Canexia Health

Imagia Canexia Health (ICH) is a genomics-based cancer treatment testing company that accelerates access to precision care by combining AI expertise with advanced molecular biopsy solutions. Leveraging AI-based informatics for treatment selection and monitoring, oncologists now have leading clinical decision support right at their fingertips. With a network of over 20 hospitals and reference labs worldwide, ICH ensures that doctors have the right insights to deliver cost-effective cancer testing to patients no matter where they seek treatment. Join ICH in closing the health-equity gap in cancer:

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