Life-saving technology

With the aim of making this life-saving technology available to all Canadians, Project ACTT is also:

  • Generating health economics data to accelerate government health coverage of ctDNA testing
  • Enhancing Canexia Health’s ctDNA test to cover more solid tumor cancer types
  • Localizing testing access by training laboratory staff to conduct testing in-house

For thousands of cancer patients each year, this minimally-invasive blood draw can be performed instead of surgical tissue biopsy to enable oncologists to select treatment options.

Testing Information

If you are a patient, you can learn more about how to access the test through your provider here.

If you are an oncologist/provider, you can learn more about test access for your patients here.

Tumour Types Tested

Lung cancer


Patients with suspected or known relapsed disease where ctDNA testing can detect resistance mutations. Patients with metastatic disease where ctDNA testing can detect resistance mutations. Patients with tumor not easily amenable to biopsy. Very ill patients with metastatic disease.

Turnaround Time

10 working days

Specimen Type



Testing is available at no cost for 2,000 patients in Canada

A Global Blueprint

Using Project ACTT as a blueprint, Canexia Health is now building an ecosystem of partners to replicate the model globally and offset burdens on health systems by ensuring all eligible cancer patients have access to life-saving testing.

Canexia Health’s ctDNA test, Follow It®, offered through a growing network of global partners, is commercially available and detects close to 90% of clinically actionable mutations in all cancer types. Further, Canexia Health offers a unique partnership model for local laboratories to set up biomarker testing in-house quickly and effectively. Canexia Health provides its technology and methodology for labs to run testing in-house, while also providing a complete bioinformatics reporting pipeline.

Download Project ACTT Global Brochure

Partner with us

Partnering with Canexia Health is a cost-effective way to provide quality precision oncology testing and supports efforts to establish and secure reimbursement in localities. This will enable hospitals and laboratories to run ctDNA testing in-house, leading to a sustainable solution regardless of COVID-19 and other health system impacts.

We are seeking to further build our consortium of global pharmaceutical, laboratory, academic, and oncology partners for:

  • Sample collection
  • Bringing ctDNA testing in-house
  • Program funding support
  • Health economic studies
  • In-country health system expertise

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