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Find It detects common, clinically relevant genomic alterations in solid tumor samples, including single-base substitutions (SNVs), small deletions, and insertions (up to 24bp). It evaluates the mutation status of tumor DNA at 337 hotspots and 26 exons in 38 known cancer-associated genes simultaneously.

Find It detects indications for non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer, GIST, basal cell, breast cancer, endometrial, and other solid tumor cancers.

ALKT1151, L1152, C1156, F1174, L1196, L1198, G1202, D1203, S1206, G1269, R1275, Y1278
ARL702, V716, S741, W742, Q784, H875, F877, T878, M896
BRAF Q201, G464, G466, F468, G469, Y472, D594, F595, G596, L597, V600, K601, part of Exon15 (V600-M620), G606
CTNNB1D32, S33, G34, I35, H36, S37, T41, S45
DDR2L239, I638, S768
DICER1D1705-D1709, G1809, D1810-E1813
EGFRR108, A289, S492, P596, G598, Exon18, Exon19, Exon20, Exon21, & Amplification
ERBB2G309, S310, K753, L755, I767, D769, Exon20, & Amplification
ESR1K303, E380, S463, V534, P535, L536, Y537, D538
FGFR1N546, K656, & Amplification
FGFR2S252, P253, W290, A315, S372, Y375, C382, N549, K659, E731, E777, & Amplification
FGFR3R248, S249, G370, S371, Y373, G380, A391, K650
HRASG12, G13, Q61
IDH2R140, R172
KITS476, Y553, W557,, V559, V560, L576, K642, V654, T670, D816, D820, N822, Y823, A829, Exon9, Exon11, Exon13, & Amplification
KRASK5, A11, G12, G13, L19, Q22, A59, G60, Q61, K117, A146, & Amplification
MAP2K1(MEK1)F53, Q56, K57, K59, V60, D67, I103, I111, C121, N122, P124, P387
MAP2K2(MEK2)F57, Q60, K61, L119, H123, G132
METT1010, V1112, H1112, G1181, L1213, D1246, Y1248, Y1253, Exon13, Exon14, Exon14 (-50 to+25), Exon18, Amplification
NRASG12, G13, A59, G60, Q61, K117, A146
NTRK1F589, G595, G667
NTRK3G623, G696
PDGFRAR560-E571, P577, N659, L839-Y849, D842
PIK3CAR88, C90, R93, P104, G106, N107, R108, K111, R115, N345, R357, G364, E365, Exon6 [start to P377], C420, E453, P539, E542, E545, Q546, D549, E970, E978, M1043, N1044, A1046, H1047, G1049 + Amplification
POLEExons 9-14 (P286R, M295R, S297F, F367S, D368Y, V411L, L424I, M444K, A456P, S459F)
PTCH1W844, G1093
PTENA126, G129, R130, R173, R233, K254-K267
RETG533, K603, C609, C611, C618, C620, C630, D631, C634, G691, E768, L790, Y791, V804, Y806, A883, R886, S904, M918, A919, Exon10, Exon 13, Exon15
ROS1S1986, G2032, L2026
STK11Q37, P281
TP53Exon4, Exon5, Exon6, Exon7, Exon8, Exon9
MSI21 Loci
Turnaround Time3-5 days
Mutation typesSNVs, deletions and insertions(up to 24bp), CNVs and MSI
Sample TypeScrolls/curls & unstained slides
Sample RequirementSample requirements are the same if you are ordering just Find It, just Fusions, or both assays. Please include one H&E slide or a digital image (to from the same FFPE block, including the circled tumour area. Please complete specimen details on the TRF including the % tumour content.


Key Content

Find It targets genomic content associated with approved therapies, treatment resistance, disease prognosis, and clinical trials.

Rapid Turnaround Time

A simple laboratory workflow that provides rapid, reliable, results.

Comprehensive Reports

Automated reporting from the Canexia Health Insights Platform provides up-to-date information on interpretations, current treatment options, and available clinical trials.


Targeted amplicon-based technology provides an economical alternative to single-gene testing or hybrid capture NGS assays.

Conserve Biopsy Tissue

Find It and Fusions single sample panels allows for simultaneous hotspot testing, reducing the amount of biopsy tissue required.

High Quality

All Canexia Health assays and software are developed in our CLIA, CAP, CDPH and DAP accredited laboratory.

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