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Canexia Informatics Platform

Canexia’s proprietary bioinformatics platform provides a complete end-to-end solution, from mutation identification to auto-generated clinical reports. Our fully automated system is scalable, secure, and traceable, with a high throughput production mode that leverages the power of cloud computing.

Our platform includes:

Genome Analytics

Custom sequence pre-processing to variant annotation with built-in, rigorous, proprietary quality control (Quality Nexus™).

Centralized Database

Store, manage, and analyze anonymized, aggregate data for assay improvement, ensuring data integrity and scalability.

Knowledge Base

Information from over 30 sources, including the FDA, EMA, NCCN, Pubmed, NCBI, NIH, clincaltrials.gov, Health Canada and others, curated and reviewed by a team of scientists and experts. Includes both single variant and combination variant interpretations.

Reporting System

Auto-generated clinical reports are seamlessly integrated into partners' LIMS.

Quality Assurance with Quality Nexus™

All Canexia Health products come with our patented molecular and computational quality assurance platform, Quality Nexus, which enables robust mutation detection across the full range of clinical diagnostic samples collected in routine pathology workflows.

Quality Nexus also allows us to provide the highest level of quality assurance for our assays, safeguarding patients and allowing oncologists access to the information needed to identify targeted cancer treatments.

Canexia Health’s thermodynamically balanced sets of proprietary barcodes permit the best-in-class detection of low-frequency mutations. Our machine learning approach for single nucleotide variant calling allows us to infer molecular diversity indices and distinguish artifacts from true mutations.

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Follow It®

A minimally invasive option for biopsy, Follow It can also be used to monitor cancer progression or investigate treatment resistance.

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Rapid, cost-effective, and clinically actionable, Fusions allows you the flexibility to isolate and interrogate relevant fusions.

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Canexia Informatics Platform

Each comprehensive report includes detailed results as well as therapeutic recommendations and expertly curated clinical trials. Our insights can help you make more informed treatment decisions.

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